Terms and conditions of sale and services


The terms and conditions of sale apply to all orders or services that are placed with Ginsystem, established at 90 rue Aimable Dutrieux 7500 tournai, the following is called Ginsystem.

These terms and conditions of sale are the only applicable, excluding the general or specific terms of the customer that Ginsystem would not have expressly accepted in writing.

Ginsystem may change these terms and conditions of sale at any time, subject to the appearance of these changes on the website ginsystem.be. The online conditions at the time of the order remain applicable for this order. The customer is supposed to have become aware of this, to have accepted all the clauses and to forego the avail of his terms of purchase.

Offer and order

Unless otherwise stipulated under Ginsystem's specific conditions, the validity period of our offers is one month.

Any order that has not been preceded by a written offer from Ginsystem will bind the company only if a written acceptance has been sent by Ginsystem.

Our agents or representatives do not have the power to represent. The sales they negotiate therefore acquire a firm character only after Ginsystem sends a written acceptance of the order.


Ginsystem is a small business that is subject to the tax-free regime. VAT not applicable.


Invoices are payable in the billing currency at Ginsystem's head office no later than a fortnight after the billing date.

Any invoice claim shall be sent in writing to Ginsystem's head office, eight calendar days after receipt. Otherwise, the customer will no longer be able to challenge this invoice.

If an invoice defaults at maturity, the payment of all invoices will immediately become due

Any invoice unpaid at maturity will generate, as of right and without notice, a late interest of 1% per month, with a minimum of 50 euros.

Any invoice unpaid at maturity will also be increased as a matter of law and without notice by a lump sum payment of 15% of the amount remained unpaid as damages.

Intellectual property

Unless otherwise under the specific conditions, any computer code written for use by the customer will remain the property of Ginsystem until the full amount of invoices relating to the provision of services is paid.


Ginsystem ensures that software and items created and provided to the customer respect the rights of third parties and are not illegal.

The customer confirms that the material used or supplied to Ginsystem for use is not illegal and does not in any way violate the rights of third parties.

The customer is solely responsible for the content of the publications which he requests to be run by Ginsystem. The client undertakes, in particular and in a non-limited way, to obtain the authorizations and to pay any rights on texts, photos, illustrations, music and in general on any work used.

Ginsystem disclaims any responsibility for any interruption of Internet service or loss of data caused by an Internet service provider with no direct connection to it. Similarly, when a hosting service of the website or e-mail service has been requested by the customer, Ginsystem cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage caused by a temporary interruption of the services of its suppliers.

In the event of a third-party complaint regarding the customer's use of Ginsystem's services, the customer agrees to compensate Ginsystem.


When service delivery is completed, Ginsystem no longer assumes any responsibilities than those under section 7. As a result, Ginsystem is not required to cause any damage and damage to the customer as a result of changes to the service delivery by the customer or an Internet user or anyone outside of Ginsystem staff.


Both the customer and Ginsystem undertake not to disclose confidential information to third parties, including and not limited to access codes and passwords, financial information, billing data and information about hardware, software and service.

Sell resolution

This contract is valid until the site is completed or, if necessary, until the customer terminates the lump sum follow-up contract. The flat fee is payable at the beginning of the period. Failure to pay the package results in the automatic termination of the follow-up contract.

Ginsystem is entitled to resolve the sale, as of right, by notifying the customer by recommended letter, in the event of a serious breach by the customer of one of its contractual obligations, including if it is late paying an invoice of more than 30 days schedule or if it turns out that it will not perform or seriously risk not fulfilling any of its main obligations, even before that obligation is due.

If the sale is resolved under the above paragraph, the customer will be liable to Ginsystem for damages set at 40% of the sale price.


Any dispute directly or indirectly relating to Ginsystem's contractual relations with the client is the exclusive competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Tournai.

Applicable law

GINSYSTEM's contractual relationship with the customer is governed by Belgian law.